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Design questions

How can I change the unit from mm/m to ft?

You can click the Setting icon in the upper right corner to open the Preferences window. Also, you can change the measurement unit between mm/cm/m and ft through "File - Preference - Measurement Unit" in the top navigation bar in the design interface of the floor planner.

How can I switch to the new version of Homestyler V4.0?

No worry, there is no need to do the anything. Just starting designing and you will be able to use the updated functions of Homestyler Floor Planner V4.0. For the updates log, please visit:

How can I change the color of furniture in the catalog?

By left-clicking the objects in 3D view, you could select "replace material" button and replace material/color of the furniture under customization interface (Reminder: previous color section was moved to "Wall material - Wall Paint" in replace material interface). Please be aware that some sold products in the catalog are displayed as-is and therefore you are not able to change their color.

How are you able to view 2D and 3D modes?

To switch between 2D and 3D modes, click on the switch-screen icon located at the upper right of the design interface screen. You can also just click on the Tab button on your keyboard. Another way is to use number 1 or 3 to switch between plane and 3D view (in lower left corner).

I do not want the frontal walls to hide automatically in 3D view.

To switch off the auto-hide wall function, please go to 3D view and click the "View" button on the top navigation bar, from where you could untick the "Hide wall" option.

Homestyler floor planner - switch off auto hide wall function

Are you able to resize furniture or construction models?

Yes, you can select the furniture and click "Unlock Resizing" in the right attribute box to unlock the model size, and then adjust it by entering the value or adjusting the size ratio bar (construction models can be adjusted directly in the attribute panel on the right without unlocking).

Why does my render come out so dark?

Please check whether you have openings on your wall and whether the room has light sources. You could also choose a pre-set lighting template or customize your own lighting. Also please check whether your camera is in the wall from the window inn the upper right corner.

Can you import underlying images/CAD?

You can import an underlying image to draw your floor plan from the left menu by selecting the “Create Room - Import Floor Plan” option, where you can choose a .jpeg/.png image or.dwg CAD file to import as a background image that will display underneath your design. You can also hide/delete or adjust the transparency of this background image from the bottom.

Homestyler floor planner - create roomHomestyler floor planner - upload drawing

Can you export 2D floor plan?

You can export the 2D floor plan drawing by clicking the “Export - Export as DWG” or "Export - Floor Plan" button on the top bar. The drawing will be saved to the browser’s default download location.

Homestyler floor planner - export 2D floor plan

Which browsers do you support?

Our program works best only on the PC version of Google Chrome browser, as well as the most recent version of Internet Explorer.

How do I modify a room dimension?

You can modify the room size by dragging on selected wall segment directly in 2D/plane view. For precise adjustment, you can enter your specific dimension in order to achieve your desired requirements.

How do I modify wall height?

To set the default wall height when creating new walls, click on “File” icon on the top toolbar, and then adjust the global “Wall height” value from “Preference”

If you would like to change the height of a specific wall, select the wall in 2D view, go to property bar located at the lower right corner and toggle the wall type from “Full” to “Partial”. Then you could adjust the designated wall height specifically but the maximum height of a partial wall shall not exceed global wall height.

How do I change wall thickness?

If you would like to change the thickness of a specific wall, select the wall in 2D view, go to property setting window located in the right and change the wall width accordingly.

To set the default wall width when creating new walls, click on “File” icon on the top toolbar, and then adjust the global “Wall width” value from “Preference”

How do I lift and rotate items?

Most products from catalog can be rotated by selecting the item in 2D/3D view and click-drag blue arrow for manipulation. To be lifted the item, you can also change the elevation value via the lower right property setting window.

How do I change a surface’s finish?

Go to 3D view, select a surface(a wall or floor), go to the contextual properties menu bar located on the right side of the screen, select your desired material preferences and adjust as needed. Alternatively, you can select a material finish directly from the product catalog on the left of your screen, and apply to a surface by clicking it. Be sure to explore the customized “Tile Flooring” option in the "Customize" button on the left column menu! You could create a surface with multiple materials in different patterns. Your imagination is your limit!

How do I zoom in and out?

You are able to zoom in and out with your mouse curser. In addition, in 3D view you are able to move by clicking on the four arrows on the bottom of the screen, and look around by clicking and dragging the left button of your mouse. Alternatively, we also provide hotkey W, S, A, D or the four arrows on the keyboard for a more spontaneous walk through manipulation.

Check out a few keyboard shortcuts to make your Homestyler experience even easier!

Homestyler floor planner - keyboard shortcuts

Does Homestyler cost money to design or access my account?

Nope! You are more than welcomed to use Homestyler for a thorough 3D interior design process from creating rooms from floor plan, dragging 3D furniture from massive catalog for decoration and finally generating Ultra HD photo-realistic renders for free (some may cost Homestyler points)! We also have some paid member exclusive functions like 4K render, watermark removal function for the users who have a more professional and commercial design needs.

How to add multiple levels?

You can enter the Learn page to view the tutorial "How to build [multi-floor] with one click?" (The interface of the tutorial video is the old version, but don't worry, the function operation and entry are consistent with the current version. We will update it as soon as possible.)

How do I create and edit a project?

When you create a design, a project is also created correspondingly in "My Design" page and you could edit the project by adding description, selecting desirable renders of each room and present the final project to others without going into the design interface.

How do I share my designs or projects with others?

To share the project, you could simply copy the project URL to others in "public" status, and then they could view it on the webpage. To share the design and let others edit, you need to go to the design interface in the Floor Planner, click "FIle(in the top navigation bar) - Share the project - set as public" and then copy the link. When your friend or colleague opens that link, it will duplicate the design under their account and allows them to view and edit the design in the floor planner.

Why does the model I upload fail?

When you find that your uploaded models fails in "My Model" page, you could check for the cause of failure on corresponding models. For more details of how to upload your own models, please learn more through:

How to make holes in the floor

Select "Floor Opening" in the "Create Room" section, and then place it on the floor, and the size of the opening can be adjusted on the right.

Homestyler floor planner - keyboard shortcuts

How to hide the ceiling?

1.If you have only one floor, switch to the plane view and select the room where the ceiling needs to be hidden, and turn off the show ceiling button in the right panel.

Homestyler floor planner - keyboard shortcuts

2.If you have multiple floors, for the uppermost floor, you could hide the ceiling the same way as above. If you want to hide the ceiling of the lower floors, switch to the floor above it and then click "Edit Floor" on the right, you could remove the corresponding floor slab of the upper floor (which is the ceiling of the lower floor).

How to design the outside area?

You can choose the following two ways to design:

1. You could draw a room as the garden, select the wall in the plane view, adjust the height of the wall in the "Basic Parameters-Partial" on the right panel, and then lower the wall height as the fence.

Homestyler floor planner - keyboard shortcuts

2. You could also select "Outside Area" in the "Create Room" section to draw an external area on the canvas. After drawing, you can select the ground for material replacement.

Homestyler floor planner - keyboard shortcuts

How can I adjust the wall height?

If you need to adjust the overall height of all walls, click on a blank area on the canvas in the plane view, and then adjust the overall height in the "Wall Height" property panel on the right. If you need to set the height of certain walls separately, select the wall to be set in the plane view, and adjust the height of the wall in the "Basic Parameters-Partial Wall" of the right panel.

How can I replace the material of "Sunken Ground" or "Wall Niche"?

You can use the material brush to absorb the texture you wanted and apply it to the "Sunken Ground" or "Wall Niche".


Manage your account

I cannot sign in! What do I do?

There are a few possible reasons: 1)One of your previous sign-in sessions was via your Facebook, Google+, or another social account causing our system to recognize your email as a separate account. If so, your password and other information related to your social accounts can only be updated by signing into these sites directly and making your update there. 2)Your password is incorrect. If you are not using a social account like Facebook, you can reset your password by following the Forgot Password link from the sign-in dialog window.

I totally forgot my password! What do I do?

Select the “Forgot password?” link in the sign-in dialog. You will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your Homestyler account on the next dialog, so that we can send you an email with instructions on how to update your password and access your account again. Please be aware that if you use a third-party authorization to create and log in to your account initially, you would need to use the same log-in method again. If you forget your password for those third party account, then you need to reset your password through their website and log in to Homestyler through same third party account after resetting.

How do I change my profile picture?

Select your name in the upper right of the screen and then the Account Settings option. Click the Upload Image button and select an appropriate image. Scroll down and select the Save button to confirm your settings update.

How do I change my email address?

We don't support changing email address currently. But if you really need to, you could create a new account and transfer all your designs through copying the url of your designs and open it under your new account and save (please make sure the designs are set as public to transfer/share).

I donnot speak English. How can I change the application to appear in my language?

To browse the website in other language, please hover and select “Language” in the upper right of the screen and choose from the available options. To use the design functions in the Floor Planner, you could use the translate function of Chrome browser (

Can I merge all of my Homestyler accounts together?

While you are not able to merge your accounts, you can find your designs and use the redesign feature to copy and paste the link of your design(must be in public status) to your new account and save them.

I cannot find my designs! What happened?

Please make sure you are signing, in the same way each time, as you did upon initial signup. For example, if you signed in using an email and saved your designs under that profile, they would be saved there as opposed to if you logged in using Facebook, Google+, or other social providers.

How can I check my subscription status and redeem history?

You could check all your subscription information like which membership is activated now, how long it will last and redeem history for all your previous membership through the "My Subscription" button under your profile image.

How do I add more products? What can I do?

You could upload your own products in 2D/3D model format for your design. In the meanwhile please be noted that we are also continuously adding new products and accents for you to use. Please stay tuned. If you are a furniture manufacturer or retailer and wish to upload product for promotion, please feel free to reach out to us.

How do I edit/delete a saved design?

Sign In to your account, select the “My Designs” option on the upper right corner of the screen below your profile picture. Select the designated project from the list to edit or delete.

I found a bug! What can I do?

Click "Learn" on the top navigation bar and then click the "Contact Us" in Learn page. Please provide as many details about the issue as possible, so that we can find the problem and share with our technical team for a resolution.

Just in Case…

If something is not working properly, please let us know via