Happy Boss Day Messages

Happy Boss Day

With Boss’ Day coming up, you are smart to look for a little help with what to write on that “Happy Boss Day” card.  You want to express your gratitude for having your job, praise your boss for his/her efforts, and – let’s be honest–  make yourself look good in the process. 

Below are some pre-written happy boss’ day messages for you to copy and paste.  But to write the most meaningful thank you, craft your own.  Here’s how.

5 Steps to a Good Boss’ Day Thank You Note

1) Thank your boss for something specific.  It should be related to your job and his/her role in it. 

“Thank you for helping me polish my sales techniques.”

2) Explain why these things are important to you.

“From examining how I present myself to retooling my organizational skills, what I learned from you will go a long way. I have even been able to apply these skills in my personal life (my spouse thanks you).”

3) Keep the focus on your boss.

“I also appreciate your patience when I wasn’t as quick to pick up on things as we both would have liked.”

4) Wrap it up with a mention of the future.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with you so far and look forward to next quarter’s conference in Michigan.” 

5) Thank them again.

“Thanks again.  Regards, Me”

Handwrite your note if possible.

Boss’ Thank You Note DON’Ts

Happy Boss' Day Messages
  • Don’t roast.  This is not the time for sarcasm or put-downs.
  • Don’t praise yourself unless it’s in the context of the role your boss provided in your success.
  • Don’t give lavish gifts.  Unless your whole team went in on something, it doesn’t look good.

Need a little more help?  Here are a few pre-written thank you messages for you. 

Some are quick; others a little more in-depth.  Know your audience.

Happy Boss’ Day Messages: From the Team

Happy Boss' Day Messages from the Team

Our whole team would like to thank you for being a wonderful boss.


Thank you for making our floor feel like a team.

Thank you for your support, motivation, tough decision making, and good judgment.  You are a true leader. 


Dear Boss,

Just wanted to let you know you’re appreciated. Your leadership and ability to get things done are an inspiration to us all, and really help make this place the success that it is.

Thank you for all that you do. We couldn’t do it without you.



Dear Boss,

On Boss’ Day, please accept this small token of our appreciation. You truly deserve more for all the late nights, long meetings, and endless issues. At least you can know how much your team values your strength and leadership.

Thank you from us all!


Happy Boss’ Day Messages: From One Person

Thanks a million to a fantastic boss. I truly appreciate your encouragement and support.


Happy Boss’ Day to an awesome manager.  Thanks for helping to make this a great place to work!


Thank you for all you do.  From keeping our numbers in the black to organizing Taco Tuesday, you make this a great place to be. Happy Boss’ Day!


Dear Boss,

Happy Boss’ Day!  Thank you all your hard work.  Thank you specifically for letting me sit in on that project meeting. I learned so much from the way you ____.



Dear Boss,

I am so glad to be part of the IMW team and have the opportunity to work with you.  Thank you for your support, guidance, and encouragement during my time here.

I’ve truly been impressed with your ability to lead without intimidating or strong-arming.  Somehow you’re able to get people to produce results while still feeling valued and happy– no small feat.  Your speech last week was inspirational and really summed up why I took this job and continue to enjoy working here.

Thanks again.  Hope you have a great day.

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I’m Kathy and I live in California with my husband and 2 sons. Letting people know I’m thankful is very important to me!

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