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I find it ironic that “stationery” is often confused with “stationary”, because the latter means “not moving”, and the whole point is to move it (well, give it) to someone else. If you ever get confused which is which, remember that the one you want has an “e” for envelope, letter, pen and pencils.

Stationery can be in the form of “correspondence cards”, which are flat cards. They do not fold. Sort of like a postcard in an envelope, these are great for people who prefer to write brief notes or have small handwriting.

You can also buy sheets. These give you more room and are meant to fold in half. They are a good choice for people with big handwriting! There’s also generally room to stamp your name at the top if you want. (Note: You’re not supposed to write on the back of an engraved/stamped sheet.)

If you’ve ever gone looking online for even some simple note cards, you were probably overwhelmed by the choices. Sure you can always go to the mall and find a Papyrus or Hallmark or even Office Depot. But if you’re looking for something more personal, take a look online. Here are a few I recommend:

1. Crane’s, available at any stationery store or on Amazon, is the classic choice for stationery. These elegant blue-trim blank cards can be used for everything from thank you notes to business correspondence.

2. I love these elegant yet fun blank notecards below. They’re good for all occasions and nice quality.

3. If you prefer your thank you notes to say “Thank You”, here are some elegant ones from Crane’s again.

4. It’s always a nice touch to have some personalized stationery. Here’s my pick for business stationery.

5. And here’s my favorite personalized stationery with a bit more flair. It’s still appropriate for business, in my opinion.

6. If you’re in the mood to send a funny notecard, check out these vintage notecards.

7. For something more kid-friendly, this company has a lot of fun collections, from cartoon animals to fruit puns and more.

8. Don’t forget the return address! Here’s a convenient stamp. I use this all the time and love it.

So get started writing your notes! Remember to use the Thank You Note Generator if you need help.

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for visiting today! I'm Kathy and I live in California with my husband and 2 sons. Letting people know I'm thankful is very important to me! Read more...

I’m Kathy and I live in California with my husband and 2 sons. Letting people know I’m thankful is very important to me!

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