Birthday Thank You Note Samples

thank you note samples for birthday gifts

Examples of Birthday Thank You Notes

Congratulations on celebrating another year. And some nice people have given you birthday gifts! You are apparently wondering,

“Do I have to thank them?”

Well why wouldn’t you? What’s that, no time? Don’t know what to say? Hmm, you’re in luck then, because here are a bunch of sample birthday thank you notes!

Your Birthday: Thank You for Birthday Gifts

birthday thank you note samples

Dear Rhianna,

HOW do you do it? You always seem to find the *perfect* gift. I absolutely love the sweater. You’ll be seeing me in it a lot this season because it’s gorgeous, goes with everything, and let’s be honest: It looks fantastic on me. Thank you so much sweetie!!

Much love,


Dear Grandpa,

Thanks so much for the windbreaker! It will be perfect for camping, which I plan to do a lot this spring. It was very thoughtful of you, and it’s easily one of my favorite gifts. You’ve also made my mother happy since she often worries about me getting “chilly”.

Thanks again. I will send photos of my trip to Big Bear.



Birthday Thank You 2:

Dear Heather,

The scarf you gave me is gorgeous! I just can’t believe you knitted that yourself. It looks like something from a high-end boutique I could never afford. And with this cold weather, I know I will get lots of use out of it. With a gift like this, I almost don’t mind getting another year older.

Best wishes,


Dear Michelle,

Guess what I am wearing right now! You really know my taste in clothes. The black blouse you got for my 40th is very me. It’s so comfortable and versatile, I can wear it anywhere. Thank you for your thoughtful gift.

Please give my best to Mike.


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birthday thank you notes


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Dear Trudy,

You are so sweet to remember my big day! I was trying to forget it but when your gift arrived, I was actually glad it really was my birthday. I love the cookbook. I have seen it in stores and always thought it looked interesting. And it is! Tonight’s dinner comes straight from it. Thanks again for thinking of me.


Thank You for Birthday Party

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to thank you again for dinner the other night. It was so thoughtful of you to turn our night out into a birthday celebration for me. You shouldn’t have… but I’m certainly glad you did! What a nice surprise.

Thank you so much. We’re very lucky to have you as friends and neighbors!



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Dear Family,

I just wanted to thank you again for the impromptu birthday celebration at your beautiful home. The festive dining table, fantastic dinner and even presents, including something for the person who thinks he has everything! Who knew?!

What I do have of course is all of you and that makes every day special. I appreciate all you did very much, including your time and attention in the midst of your own hectic schedules.

My love to you all.

Thank You for Coming to Birthday Party

Dear Tina and Tony,

My 40th birthday wouldn’t have been the same without you. You two are always so much fun! Thank you so much for the beautiful treasure box and the 40 lottery tickets inside. I am not a millionaire yet but I am so LUCKY to have you both as wonderful friends. I cherish our dinners and look forward to many more fabulous times ahead.



Dear [Friend],

I had to let you know again how great it was to see you last week. Turning 40 isn’t always fun but with you at my party I was elated to turn the big 4-0. I so appreciate your making the trip.

With a friend like you to spend time with, any age is great!

Thanks again.


birthday thank you notes

Dear Frankie and Frank,

I know I told you a million times last weekend but I have to put it in writing: THANK YOU so much for coming. Having you there made my year. I have missed you both so much and am incredibly touched that you made the long difficult trip to celebrate my birthday in person. Thank you thank you thank you!

See you next year! 😉

Love Always,


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