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I love getting photo holiday cards from friends.  Even though I might have seen the occasional picture of them or their kids on Facebook, I still enjoy seeing their friendly faces in my mailbox at Christmas time.  I like to make a big merry photo wall out of them all, and guests seem to like to look at them too.

After admiring the picture, I always flip it over and look for a personal message.  A long letter is great but I’m happy if I even see a signature these days.  And more often that not, I don’t.  In my opinion, as friendly-looking as a photo can be, without a handwritten signature, it is somewhat impersonal.

SO.  If you send out a stack of printed Christmas, Hanukkah, or holiday cards this year, add that extra touch and include a personalized note on each one. It can be as simple as signing your name. Just include something to show that the person you are writing to is more than another envelope to stuff. 

There’s definitely nothing wrong with having a message printed on your card. Just factor in what you plan to handwrite so your printed message doesn’t duplicate it.

Suggestions below.

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Holiday Card Wording Samples

If you’re ambitious and want to include more than your signature, here are a few examples of holiday card wording:

  • Happy holidays! Love, The Smiths
  • Hope your holidays are happy! The Smiths
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
  • Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love, [first names of family members]
  • Loved your card!
  • Greetings from [state you live in if different from recipient’s]

My Favorite Photo Card Companies

On another note: I like to send out photo cards because it’s so easy to have them done online. But this year I noticed it’s getting harder to choose a company because there are so darn many!

So in case you haven’t yet decided where to get your online holiday photo cards, here are my favorite places:

  • Minted. Their designs are original and gorgeous. My sister-in-law used them this year and her card is frame-worthy. See below for coupon code. You can take advantage of their early bird holiday deals now even if you don’t have your photo ready.
  • Hallmark E-Cards. If you don’t want to fuss with printed cards, go to Hallmark right now and have them sent via email, free! 

Christmas 728x90
  • TinyPrints.  They have some beautiful designs.  Click on the box below for sales and coupon codes. 
Tiny Prints - Black Friday Sale
  • Costco.  Who doesn’t love Costco? Sorry I don’t have a promo code for you but who needs one when their standard cards are only $15 for 50 cards. Or you can go with their cardstock line which is $34.50 for 50 cards and $17.25 for each additional set of 25.
Costco Holiday Cards

Thanking People for Holiday Cards

Do you need to thank people for holiday cards? Not in my opinion. I mean if you see them or talk to them it’s certainly nice to mention you received it, and ooh and ahh over how much the kids have grown.

But only my mother actually writes thank you notes for holiday cards. Here’s the one I received today:

We loved your Season’s Greetings (Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas) card with the beautiful picture of Tommy and Mike. How nice of each of you to sign it as well… plus include a 2017 calendar with Tommy and Mike’s picture. Thank you so much!

We love you too!
xoxox Grandma and Papa

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