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  • Interactive Lightmix
  • 1K Normal Image1K Top View Image1K Aerial Image
  • 2K Normal Image2K Top View Image2K Aerial Image2K Panorama
  • 4K Normal Image4K Top View Image4K Aerial Image8K Panorama
  • Unlimited
  • 1 point per render
  • 10 points per 540p video20 points per 720p video
  • 100
  • Unlimited
  • 75 renders/mon
  • 75 renders/mon
  • 2 renders/mon
  • 540p:50 seconds/mon720p:30 seconds/mon1080p:10 seconds/mon
  • 300
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • 6 renders/mon
  • 540p:150 seconds/mon720p:100 seconds/mon1080p:30 seconds/mon
  • 500

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People Love Homestyler

  • Svetlana Baitchourin
    Italy - Interior Designer
    “La mia passione per il design 3d mi ha portato ad eseguire il master in interior design. Dopo aver provato diversi software per la progettazione 3D online, mi sono fermato a Homestyler. È un software fantastico, in continuo sveluppo, facile da usare nonostante gli strumenti avanzati disponibili. Un software per tutti, amatori e professionisti. Permette di realizzare progetti in modo gratuito, di altissima qualità, che nulla ha da invidiare ai software più costosi. Lo consiglio a tutti coloro che amano progettare e vogliono esprimere la propria creatività nel design e nell'architettura in modo semplice ma allo stesso tempo avere uno strumento molto potente in mano. Ringrazio l'intero team e i progettisti di software per il magnifico lavoro che hanno svolto.”
    France - Home Designer
    “I discovered Homestyler in May 2020, when I needed software capable of projecting myself into my future apartment which was under construction. I immediately subscribed to this online software because of its features and the incomparable quality of its renderings. Homestyler allowed me to fully meet my expectations regarding the 3D visualization of my future apartment, in particular thanks to the panoramic mode and the 720 degree visualization. The great strength of Homestyler is also to offer the download of 3D models and 2D textures. To this day, I love using Homestyler so much that I find myself caught in a passion for decoration and interior design, which made me want to open my own design company and change my actual job! Homestyler has totally changed my professional life! I strongly encourage you to use it, because to date, I don't know if there's a better design software elsewhere!”
  • Encarni Fernandez Calero
    Spain - Design Enthusiast
    “Encontré Homestyler buscando algún programa de diseño. Empecé a usar la app móvil , pero cuando empecé a usar la versión web me entusiasmó y cada vez me gusta más . Es una herramienta con la que puedo dar rienda suelta a los diseños que surgen en mi mente de una manera fácil y con unos renderizados increíbles 😃😃 Homestyler ofrece frecuentes novedades, la posibilidad de subir tus propios modelos 3d lo que amplia muchísimo sus posibilidades, personalizar los diseños es algo que me encanta, Soy fan de homestyler!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Will my membership be prolonged automatically?
    A:Yes! We have launched the Automatical Renewal Subscription in September 2021. You could subscribe to it via PayPal, which will deduct money from your PayPal account each 31 days automatically. And you could cancel the renewal anytime on your PayPal account.
  • Q:Why my account is still Basic after I successfully placed an order?
    A:Please be aware that your subscription will not be added to your account automatically. If purchased through AliExpress, you would need to get the 16-digit code from AliExpress order detail (not your email nor the order ID) to be redeemed on this Pricing page. If purchased on-site with PayPal, you could activate the codes on the "My Subscription" page.
  • Q:Do you offer special plans for educational organizations?
    A:Yes, please reach out to us through email with details:
  • Q:How do I pay?
    A:You could purchase Homestyler membership codes on our site with PayPal, or through our official e-store on AliExpress, which accepts credit cards, and also many local payment methods.
  • Q:Can I try it for free before I purchase a plan?
    A:Homestyler offers a free Basic plan for everyone to design and render a full interior design project with unlimited 1K renders and full access to our 100K+ furniture models. 2K and video renders will be consuming Homestyler points and 4K needs to be purchased. You can always try all the advanced features before you decide to upgrade your plan.
For more membership questions, feel free to contact hs-membership