Common Questions and Answers About Whiteboard Explainer Videos

There is a lot of curiosity about the whiteboard explainer videos that have gone viral online in recent times. Here are some answers:

1. What is the relevance of Video?

Video is the most effective tool for content marketing at the moment. It can be shared on social media and is most preferred by Google in terms of content. At the same time it is the most likely to improve the conversion rate on your site.

2. What is the difference between a whiteboard explainer video and other types of video?

Whiteboard explainer videos are engaging, exciting and fun in comparison to other forms of content marketing. They result in higher conversion rates as suggested by data and this had made them the most popular form of content marketing. Animated whiteboard explainer videos are much more engaging and lead to more conversion then simple whiteboard style videos

3. Whiteboard explainer videos convert at such a high rate. Why?

The high rate of conversion is related to the captivating content that leaves makes a viewer want to see the conclusion. In is human nature. The videos simplify the complex content and add fun to the whole viewing experience. Their explanatory nature is also alluring.

4. What are the brand benefits of whiteboard explainer videos?

Whiteboard explainer videos are informative and educative in one breath. Your company can position itself as a useful though leader. The corporate production value looks higher than many real videos as well.

5. For my business to derive the most benefits, where do I place my whiteboard explainer video?

The placement of a whiteboard explainer video is specific to the campaign and is normally put on the homepage.

They should also be on your YouTube page, Tweeted out and on your Facebook page. (In fact, you should post the video regularly on your Facebook page. Lots of new visitors will see it and regular visitors don’t mind repeats as much as people think.) Its always good to consult a professional agency that deals with explainer videos and discuss with them , some one like

It is essential to place them on you Facebook and YouTube page as well as Tweet them out. Regular posting on your Facebook page enables many visitors to see it over and over again. Other placements include presentations at live events as well as emails.

All these techniques and answers add value to your business.

Cell phone addiction manifesting itself in Texting While Asleep

An increasing number of cell phone users are experiencing sleep disorders associated with texting in their sleep. This phenomenon has rendered sufficient rest a thing of the past for most sufferers.

Sleep-disorder specialists are reporting that sleep-texting, which a person may perform several times over the course of a single night, is an alarming trend.

Studies indicate that the rate at which this problem is growing is alarming with it recurring as regularly as every hour through the night. Moreover, the victim does not even remember having sent any short text messages and more often than not, the messages sent o not make much sense either.

Another worrying aspect is that the action of texting while asleep can cause put the message sender in an embarrassing situation. Some are known to have sent messages that put them in compromising situations because of the type of relationships they have with the persons receiving the text messages. It can also lead to a lot of misunderstanding.

Aside from compromising situations, sleep-texting may cause health issues as well. In many cases, sleep-texting occurs about two hours after a person falls asleep, when deep, restful REM (rapid eye movement) sleep would normally begin.

Health problems do arise in some cases because of the relatively shorter hours of already disrupted sleep and theses include high blood pressure, a weaker immune system and depression.

There is a follow–on effect the next day with some of our normal reflexes being affected due to chronic fatigue that arises due to lack of a good night’s sleep.

Modern technologies like smartphones have a pervasive influence on modern life, especially among younger users, who may be particularly susceptible to “smartphone addiction.” And use of smartphones, computers, video games and other technologies has been linked to pervasive sleep disorders, including insomnia.

It is recommended that all mobile devices that are used by the affected person should be switched of up to an hour before retiring to bed due to the bright light on the display of the cell phone that inhibits the sleep hormone, melatonin which is produced only in the dark.