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Thank You Teacher!

Good teachers are a rare breed.  They are knowledgeable, patient, enthusiastic and kind.  They manage all this in the face of students who often don’t want to be taught. 

It’s the least we can do to say “Thank you teacher!” once in a while.  Here are some suggestions. 

Hint: Including a specific example of how the teacher helped your child will make your note extra-special.

Looking for gift ideas for teachers?  My favorite is a gift card to Starbucks or a local restaurant.  It’s easy to find, appropriate, and always appreciated.  Or see these crafty gift ideas for teachers.

Sample Thank You Teacher Wording

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Thank You Teacher: From Parent to Child’s Teacher

Dear Mrs. Hecox, Thank you for being an excellent educator! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make a dry subject interesting, and your smile 🙂 Have a great break!


Dear Mrs. Brown,

Where do I begin? Probably before the school year even started, when I heard such nice things about you. Based on popular opinion, I expected great things this year– and I have not been disappointed. Trevor always has positive things to say about your class, from your animated storytelling to your funny dog stories to your kindness on the playground. It’s comforting to know that not only is Trevor getting a great education, but he is happy at school as well.

Thank you for all your hard work. We truly appreciate it.


Hi Mrs. Boppy,

I wish I’d had a chance to say a proper thank you in person to you for being such a fantastic teacher. Lionel had a terrific experience in your class and from what I could observe when I volunteered on Fridays, I can see why. You have such enthusiasm and patience. I don’t know how you’re able to keep it up!

Thank you also for the lovely earrings. They’re perfect for summer. They even have school colors 🙂

Hope you have a great summer!


Dear Miss Jennifer,

My husband and I are so happy that Luke is enjoying preschool, you have no idea. It’s not easy to send your first child to school but seeing what a ball Luke is having makes it a breeze. And we know we have you to thank for that. The activities you plan, the room you decorate, the friendships you help foster– it’s all incredible, and it’s helping our son (and us!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.

Thanks for everything!


Dear Mrs. Knight,

Thank you for all your hard work this year. Britt loves school and it’s easy to see why. We hear all about the dynamic way you deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter is learning so much.

Enjoy the rest of the school year. You’re doing a fantastic job!


Dear Mr. Cyr,

We feel so lucky to have gotten you as a teacher this year.  Abby loved your class from the start and never grew bored.  You helped her get organized, motivated, and above all, interested in learning, which is no small feat.  The whole family thanks you!

Have a great summer.  You deserve it!

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